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Results different lithotypes


Grounds that can be treated with PRATI ARMATI®

Grounds  that can be treated with PRATI ARMATI® include all loose rocks (soils) and solid rocks that thanks to fissures, macrostructure, texture, grain size, density, etc, allow taking roots and development of radical system like:


  • clays
  • silts
  • sands
  • gravels
  • any mix of above items in
    different proportions

  • conglomerates (slightly cemented)
  • marns (altered)
  • sandy limestones (d slightly cemented)
  • flysch
  • pyroclastites
  • schists
  • acid or basic rocks altered or deeply fractured


Taking root can be obtained even on grounds that, under the pedological aspect appear totally sterile.

PRATI ARMATI® take root also on grounds that have been treated with lime up to 5% in weight.

Rocks must be altered or more or less fractured: the amount of grass taking roots is directly proportional to the level of alteration and fracturing. On solid and compact rocks taking roots is impossible.

— Claudio Zarotti